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Get the most out of your mortgage with our “Annual Mortgage MOT” !

Interest rates are out there from just 0.99% !

When we move house we typically spend lots of time shopping around to get the best mortgage deal.  Then, what happens?  We just keep on paying, without checking whether we are still on the best rate that’s out there.
It just like electricity and gas – those who don’t switch can end up paying far more than they need to!
So take our “Mortgage MOT”.  It’s free of charge and could save you ££’s.  We work with the UK’s largest independent FEE-FREE mortgage broker so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Expert advice, no broker fees and totally independent.

A lot has probably changed since you arranged your mortgage.  Even though its review might not be due for a while, now’s a good time to check it’s still running as it should be.

Start by reading our Top 4 Tips below – to check that your mortgage is working well and saving you money in the long run.


Top Tip #1
 Raise money

Home improvements on your mind? If you’re thinking about raising money on your property, it makes sense to try and tie this in with when your current deal ends.

Then you can easily review both amounts at the same time without risking any additional charges. If you are in any way unsure please give us a call.


Top Tip #2
Make overpayments

If you’re not looking to borrow any more money you could, instead, pay some of your mortgage off sooner.

Many lenders allow up to an additional 10% of the outstanding balance to be paid every year.  Ask us for our Overpayment Calculator to see how much you can save on your mortgage.


Top Tip #3
 Review your home insurance

Because home insurance is usually reviewed every year, it’s likely that you’ll be shopping around for the best deal at the same time as your mortgage anniversary.

We can help you get fee-free advice and a quick insurance quote on residential or investment properties.

Top Tip #4
 Check your protection policies

Anything changed in your personal circumstances that could affect any protection policies you have? If you’ve stopped smoking for more than a year, had a child or changed job for instance.

Give us a call and we can ask one of our experts to chat through your options.

Always here to help

Remember, you can contact us any time if you have questions about your mortgage. Please also help your friends and family save money on their mortgage by recommending our fee free service!

While you’re thinking about your house and your mortgage – why not get an updated valuation?  Our experts valuations are FREE OF CHARGE and will help you check that you qualify for the best mortgage deals.


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Keith Trigg